Small Info Edit

@Space_Cat is a user on Drawcast and Framecast. Her persona is a purple skinned, with yellow swirls on the cheeks, and a little strand of hair sticking up. Their name is "Space". She has 450+ followers. Her best friends are @CrookedDraws, @SpringtrapFnaf3, @xXFlowey­čî╗Xx, and more! She has been banned a few times, for profanity and drama. But those days have passed. She is nice and always willing to do fan art or requests. She has made many mistakes, but she still is going strong. She has been bullied for many things including ships, opinions, etc. but she always go threw it. Same thing with Framecast. She has gotten in many arguments with users named @­čî║Mangle and @PusheenKawaii. They both get in useless arguments almost every week. But lets not get that started up again.

Art Edit

Other than the drama crap, she makes art that include sci-fi-ish stuff, gore, and cartoony stuff. She gets 0-80 likes on things. Even the vents (I'm not bragging about her). She loves to make people happy. Especially her best friends @CrookedDraws and @SpringtrapFnaf3. As I said, she will always make fan art and do requests.

The End~ Edit

made by SpaceCat101 or @Space_Cat on DC/FC