Drawcast is an app that is 100% better than framecast. Y’all babies moved to framecast just because Drawcast was dying. Wow. Thanks for staying and giving drawcast hope. Thanks a lot y’all really appreciate it.


About DrawCastEdit

DrawCast is an app a agile from ages 9 and over. The app has many different features like fill bucket, blur, 3 layers (Drawcast+ has unlimitad layers), and hard and soft brushes and erasers. You get access to some beautiful art in the Most Popular and Notable New artists section, enter fun and release your creative side on contests, look at all of the people you follow's posts on your news feed. You can draw whatever you want, as long as it doesn't break any of the rules. Post your art and get likes and follows, get achievements like 50,100 and 500 and even 10,000 followers. Not only that, but there is a great community (not counting the bullies and haters...) where you can meet friends! You can join group RPs, or solo RP with a few of your friends! Create collaborations with all your friends with the share account feature. That's just the start! I won't spoil it any longer for you guys, but be warned, there is bullies and haters and mean people who try to get you banned, so stay away from them. Have fun! -shadowartist